Croaxis Support site is online!

The last thing that IT professionals like to do is documentation. We know these are important and we are always very vocal about missing doco's when we are handed over some new project. But when the time comes to write these up - oh what a pain! There will be many, way more important things to do. Well not this time! We are dedicated and we will deliver! Hence the new Croaxis support page is now online! The content is still largely missing, but eventually it will all go in place. What we already have any fully functional is the Contact form , so now all users are able to log a formal support request should there be any.  Finally, a big thank you for Google , by providing us this wonderful content management system where our support sites is running. It is a big help for us!

Secure email service with a difference

How many email address you have? To tell you the truth I have several - one for business use, one for personal use, one address is for junk/throwaway site registrations and one for my family - so when my old man is sending something through I do not get annoyed by that during business hours. Believe me - there is no limits for his annoyances. My girlfriend reckons the apple does not fall far away from the tree. 

But with all seriousness - there are way too many email providers. The biggest ones are not shy giving out huge storage space for free - and in exchange they will freely use the information you voluntarily providing them with. They also provide you with unified identity model, so you can login to other services with their credentials - and third parties can also enjoy your private data. In short - not much privacy there but hey - that is their business.

Smaller providers can come and go. They can have serious security issues, buggy web interface, endless spam issues and they cannot provide you gigabytes of storage space. Moreover they will likely to try pushing their other products on you - mind you the big players are keen on that thing too.

The next group of email providers are specialist ones. They normally try to target specific industry segments or user groups. But then you normally can use their service even if you are not from their selected target group. These are ok providers but you need to be mindful that your email address will contain their domain - and if that is associated with a business segment, government organization or whatever - well they your addressee might make certain prejudicial assumptions about you. 

Lastly - the paid providers. Do you think they are better? Sure, some of them are good - but I remember I used to have a paid email account when I lived in the UK with a rather large IT provider - the quality of the service was atrocious. I did get some perks though (could use my own domain, SMTP/IMAP access and no ads - only the company's own one).

What we try to do here is fundamentally simple - joining the crowd of email providers - but this time with a difference. How will we be able to do it? First of all - we are listening to you.

In short - we are all ears here :)


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Croaxis Support site is online!